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Have you been selling school uniforms, PE uniforms from your school for some time? At Coastal Enterprises we have many schools that buy uniforms every year and they are now branching out and buying additional items, as our range here also keeps widening. We sell so many different items that you can have your school logo imprinted on, including a variety of sportswear, knit wear, bags, PJs and boxers, jackets and more. Many of these items are quite popular with students and they will not only help you sell more, they will spread your school image as well. We can even do folders and pencil cases all of which have a clear large, solid name bar for easy identification. In fact all our products come with a name bar.

Small orders of new products are a good way to do some market research on what products to order get a few of each and see what is most popular. Re-orders can be made over the phone and students will usually only have to wait for 2 weeks. Once you know what lines are more popular we can give you a further discount for larger orders which will help your profit margin considerably. So next time you are placing your order for uniforms, check out our website and discuss what is popular elsewhere with our customer service staff.