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Over the last thirty years, Coastal Enterprises has supplied P E uniforms and other clothes to almost all the educational institutions in Continental America. There are numerous advantages for the schools when they order their uniform requirements from the company.

Most companies do not allow schools to place small batch orders, which leave the schools with stocks that become outdated. However, at Coastal Enterprises, schools can place orders for small quantities and keep ordering as per their requirements. Moreover, the company does not require any down payment at the time of placing the order. The school can pay once they have completely sold out the first batch of P E clothes ordered.

Another major advantage to the schools is that they can keep the profits earned through the sale of these PE uniforms and accessories. Therefore, the additional funds can be utilized for any purpose for the improvement of the school and students.

Coastal Enterprises provides a wide range of P E clothes and accessories. Moreover, various designs and mascots, such as sharks, falcons, and elks among others can be chosen by the schools. Additionally, the uniforms are available in colors to match the school colors. In case the schools are unable to find the designs they need, the in-house team of designers can assist the schools in creating their own unique styles.