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For many school children from elementary age to teenage summertime is camp time. What to buy to wear to camp becomes a concern for many parents. Does the camp have a dress code and, if so, how stringently is it enforced? Will the camp director deem my child’s shorts too tight when I thought they were a perfect fit? Or too short when it’s the length my child normally wears?

Coastal Enterprises has the solution to these dress code dilemmas. Many summer camps now offer campers the option of purchasing camp uniforms. Some camps require uniforms while some camps simply make the purchase of camp clothing available to parents who wish to go the camp uniform route.

The advantages to having camp uniforms are the same in either case — and Coastal Enterprises can name several. First, campers and administrators alike no longer must deal with the inherent problems associated with a dress code. No more judging the length of shorts, style of shirts, or tightness of either. Secondly, campers and the camp are readily recognized by color and logo. Children also feel like they belong to a team, and when they return home and wear the clothing again and again, it is continual advertising for the camp. Third, the profits from the sale of camp uniforms can help offset the camp’s bottom line.