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Having a school team attired in uniform attire has several advantages. Besides the fact that the uniform makes them identifiable to each other thereby enhancing coordination and teamwork, uniforms are also a strategy for instilling discipline to the team. A team attired in a similar dress code is apt to respond to orders more positively than one in which the members are dressed in street clothes. Psychologists have found that a uniformed team is more unified and reacts to challenges and commands as a single unit. In this kind of response, there is a heightened sense of discipline as each member strives to belong to the group. Uniforms are also a great way of promoting a sense of equality among team players. Team members dressed in the same dress code override differences in social and economic class as opposed in a team where some members are dressed in more expensive clothes than others. There are fewer distractions among members of a team dressed in a uniform because the uniforms are not designed in a similar fashion. Team members can concentrate on the tasks of the game easily. Sourcing for your school team uniforms at Coastal Enterprises also makes it affordable for parents and schools since Coastal Enterprises uniforms are priced within each buyer’ budget. Coastal Enterprises uniforms are more affordable than individually buying branded sportswear. What’s more, Coastal Enterprises delivers your purchase free of charge to any school within continental US.