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Even though schools desire a Physical Education (PE) program outfitted with PE uniforms, schools have no budgets for the extras. Therefore, if a school wants its PE classes to wear uniforms, purchasing them becomes the parents’ responsibility.

For this reason, Coastal Enterprises has developed a program that helps parents and schools alike. Schools may want to use the sale of PE uniforms as a fundraiser. Since Coastal Enterprises understands that over-buying translates into over-spending, they have devised an ordering system that maximizes a school’s profit while helping parents acquire quality PE apparel at affordable prices. The system is so efficient that schools often realize extra money that can be used to purchase uniforms for students who cannot afford to purchase PE clothing for themselves.

Schools ordering PE uniforms for the first time are often worried about ordering the wrong quantity and sizes. The principal who has approved the program’s purchase of uniforms begins to have second thoughts because school personnel are overwhelmed with a task with which no one has any experience. After helping schools for thirty years with PE uniform orders, Coastal Enterprises understands ordering anxiety and has developed a sizing formula that sizes evenly based on the school’s enrollment, thereby eliminating over-stocking.