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Admirals, alligators and angels are just some of the mascots that Coastal has on file in their very extensive art selection for your team mascot garments. There are beavers, blue jays and bobcats as well as a vast range of different designs for each that schools may browse through on their website. Choosing the right team mascot garment is made simple when you take a look at the Coastal website.
Coastal has a range of high quality art work that schools can adopt for their school team garments. If you have a school mascot then you can be sure that there is a design for your mascot on their site. Take a look at the different variations of each and if you are still looking for something that is just that little bit different from what is available then talk to Coastal and get some ideas on exactly what it is you are wanting.
Schools love to show off their mascot and their school name especially at team sports. When you have a great range of garments that let the students be proud of their school and team then it can raise team and school spirit. Supporters and parents can also be wearing their child