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Coastal Enterprises is a company based in the United States of America which was started in the year 1979. The company specializes in screen printing and logo embroidery supplying school uniforms, PE uniforms, backpacks, bully squad tees, T shirts, sport spirit wear and many more. Coastal enterprises design logos and apply the prints to various school uniform items that can be used in sporting events by both the parents and the students. We design some clothing items such as unisex PE uniforms which are proudly worn by students across the whole nation. Depending on the clients taste, he/she can choose one of the available sportswear items which can be screen printed or embroidered in your uniforms. Our customers have the freedom of choosing, with the help of our artists, one of the ten colors designed for embroidery and 14 other colors designed for screen printing. With the latest technology being put in use, our qualified graphics artists and designers use the latest computer software to design logos and our printing process and sewing shop uses the best and authentic threads and inks. Coastal enterprises has a well trained and skilled customer service personnel who helps our customers in placing of orders, choosing best designs and styles and calculation of order numbers. You don’t have to be there in person for you to receive our services but you can do that over the phone or through our website.