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Rapid changes in the world of fashion have made it difficult for school administrators to make decisions regarding the choice of uniforms. Boys have different tastes and fashion preferences from girls and this makes the ordering for such items quite difficult. This issue of double ordering has proved to be expensive in most schools giving the sports coordinators a hard time. Boys prefer shorts that are long and pulled down as far as they like while girls like small skimpy skirts which roll up their long legs. Coastal Enterprises is aware of the problem based on the experience that they have acquired for over thirty years in the business. The company came up with a solution to help curb the problem by designing specific uniforms called unisex sportswear suitable for both girls and boys. These include shorts that girls can roll up as much as they want while boys can wear as low as they feel like. The uniforms also bear the school’s logos and emblems which identify students with their school. Coastal Enterprises has availed a wide range of neck designs such as V-neck, round, and button up styles. With a wide range of colors to choose from, students will always look elegant and neat in uniforms from Coastal Enterprises