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With over three decades in the business, Coastal Enterprises has emerged as a market leader producing uniforms for many schools all over the nation. Coastal Enterprises’ website has over 60 templates which can be reproduced in other different ways to suit a customer’s needs. If you don’t identify the design that will suit the needs of your school, our team of designers will help you in designing one. We have a wide range of mascot art designs that a person can choose from. Team mascots can take the form of a logo, a person, an animal, an object or even a costumed character. Teams mascots appear are popular during matches or other related events and act as a marketing tool for teams and schools. For example, a school can opt to use a rhino, tornado, tigers, whales, lions, buffaloes, rockets, surfers, or knights according to popular beliefs and identification attributed to, or represented by, the animal or object. Mascots can be placed on other items such as blankets, scarves, stadium seats, or branded school buses used by students of a particular school. A mascot is a true representation of a school and at Coastal Enterprises we help make it easy to choose the best mascot that will give parents and students a sense of pride in their institution.