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In our schools students are the ambassadors to the outside world. They have to look good every time they go out of their school either to interschool games or going back home for school. Students should be able to wear their uniforms with so much pride. Coastal enterprises realized that students in elementary and high school are the most fashion conscious and they won’t settle for nothing less than the best. We produce P.E uniforms that make the students feel up-to-the-minute and extremely comfortable. We make sure that the uniforms we produce are popular with today’s students and it needs to be both practical and above all stylish. Being in the clothing industry for over thirty years, the research and experience have made us come up with our own designs of items such as P.E shorts thus having our own brands. At coastal enterprises, we respect the fact that the school is responsible for their school uniforms but to make the students really proud we advise the schools management to engage the help of our friendly staff to discuss about the styles and designs. We also have the most adaptable unisex designs which have proved to be very popular among kids and there are longer lasting which saves the parents the hard time of buying new ones every time. The unisex uniforms increases the schools profits as there will be no uniforms that won’t be used due to gender difference.