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Making early orders ensures that the quality of your products is at its best and hardly compromised. In most companies, standards are always compromised because of the speed used in completing the orders while trying to catch up with the short deadline. Delays in ordering could be caused by lack of enough money in schools at the appropriate time. At Coastal Enterprises, we believe lack of enough funds should not hinder schools from placing uniform orders on time. The company allows schools to place for orders sell them and pay the company afterwards. The schools will have to pay the money after the first batch of the uniforms is dispatched. Coastal Enterprises designs uniforms with school logos and mascots that can be sold easily and the money be used to place other small orders and settling the initial debts in the process. At Coastal Enterprises, orders are taken between the month of April and June. Orders placed within that period of time will be processed and be ready for delivery within the month of August. Payment for these orders will be collected as from November and the customers have a period of one month to sell and pay for the uniforms. Coastal Enterprises has developed a program that called Inventory Control Program that monitors what the school orders and what it sells.