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Coastal Enterprises is a company that offers its services to schools across the nation by providing them with pre designed or custom made uniforms. Their highly trained graphic artists who are well acquainted with the latest design software will help you in choosing the right mascot that will give a very good impression of your school. Having a good first impression is so important because it says a multitude of things about your school. Every mascot has a meaning or character attributed to it. For kindergarten kids, the appropriate mascot could be floral art or angels because the kids are innocent and kind hearted. An ideal mascot should focus on the colors and spirit of the school team. Warrior mascots symbolize a fighting spirit and when in a competition your opponents will automatically get the impression of a fighter. A bulldog mascot is very popular and is used to represent the United Kingdom. Most of the American universities use the bulldog as their mascot. There are different breeds of bulldogs and for instance the United States Marine Corps use the English bulldog as their mascot. Mascots can be used to symbolize an institution’s religion and beliefs. Coastal Enterprises’ competent designing team will help you in choosing and designing a mascot that will be of importance in sharpening the schools spirit both on and off the field.