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Contacting Coastal is as easy as picking up a phone, hitting send on the contact us section of the website or even through fax. The website is a very easy to navigate site that can have your answers to the most frequently asked questions. The home page has some great ideas on what you can put on your uniforms and what your orders can include such as mascots and other items like bags and sundries.
When you are on the website you can see there is already a huge number of pre-existing mascot images for your use. However, if you have your own mascot image then we can easily use your design for your order. Our art team is ready and able to integrate any ideas and requests that you may have for your school design.
There is an area where you and your school can request a quote and you can speak with one of our many friendly and experienced staff on what your school may need and how to go about getting the most in sales from your order. If you don