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Bully squads are now a common sight on school playgrounds and are an excellent reminder to students, that bullying is not considered acceptable behavior in schools of the 21st century. Coastal Enterprises have designed a great looking range of bully squad Tees for teachers and students. Bully squad Tees help to promote respect amongst students and they are printing is placed on the front and on the back.

Schools can design their own bully squad logo if they desire, with the help of our art department or they can choose a design from our existing range. The range consists of white Tees, colored Tees, and ash Tees in both short and long sleeve styles. There is also a hooded sweatshirt which is popular for the winter months.

Promoting respect amongst students is an important part of general education for which all schools are responsible. With an active bully squad your school will quickly gain a reputation for equality amongst students and this will improve the reputation of your school. You can order bully squad wear all year round from Coastal Enterprises in small or large orders. All shipping is free of charge so several small orders during the year will ensure they are available to students and teachers all year round.