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Many schools use bully squads in the playground and around the school to promote acceptance cooperation and communication between students. There is a range of bully wear printed back and front on Tees, long sleeved Tees, and hooded sweatshirts. All bully wear comes in adult sizes and in students sizes. You can place small orders or special sizes or just for a few students if needed. Bully wear comes in white, ash and colors so there is plenty of variety to choose from.

Coastal Enterprises has special deals for schools ordering a variety of uniforms in different sizes and there is never any shipping fee for both big orders and small orders. Additional orders may be made throughout the year, at any time just by making a phone call to our friendly customer service staff. They will help you decide on sizes and quantities and will ensure that you do not order too much. The many years of experience handling orders for many schools has given our staff extensive experience with quantity enquiries. For 30 years Coastal Enterprises has been a leader in the school uniform and school sportswear business and we are your one stop solution for school uniforms.