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Many times schools will enquire about making orders through Coastal and they have some reservations. The schools often worry about being stuck with surplus stock that they somehow have to offload if no one buys it. As a result, Coastal will often get orders for small quantities from schools that are looking just to try out the concept and see if it sells. The great thing about Coastal is that you can make small orders without a problem.
In fact, Coastal pride themselves on the fact that they can accommodate schools that are a little nervous about overextending themselves with larger orders first up. What Coastal most often find is that these schools sell so well the first time around that they are generally scrambling to make back up orders for those that have been left without. These schools can reorder as many times as they want with the guarantee of no set ups as well as no shipping.Coastal truly offer a complete program that goes the whole year. This means that schools can gauge the response from its students and parents and order to accommodate their demand. All the while the profit is returned to the school and it is the students that benefit ultimately.