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Does your school have a regular annual school camp for students to enjoy the outdoors, participate in water activities and other outdoor activities? School camps are becoming more popular and each school can have a camper’s uniform, featuring the camp logo and utilizing the school colors. When campers all wear matching camp uniforms, it is easy for local residents and camp organizers to recognize the students when they are out in public enjoying outdoor activities. Students also enjoy wearing the camp logo to school after they return as an advertisement that they participated in the school camp.

Coastal Enterprises can provide all the items you need for the school camp including cold weather clothing such as sweats, pullovers and long sleeved Tees and of course PE uniforms. We can design you a special camp logo to place on any items of clothing as well as on bags and blankets for use at the camp.

Designs can also feature the current year printed on the back of clothes so that each camp can be distinguished by its year. Parents will feel peace of mind when the students go away with clothes featuring the camp logo and colors because they know that their child will be easily recognized as belonging to the school camp by locals.