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Groups that have common public identities such as schools, sports team, military departments, or society groups are represented by mascots. Mascots also act as spokespersons for organizations or societies. Mascots can be used for advertisements or as a symbol of unity in sporting teams. Coastal enterprises, in the last 30 years, has been designing, producing and printing mascots on sports team wear and school uniform all over United States. Our art department is equipped with the latest computer software to help in designing of the best mascots supplied across the country. We give your team a fresh look with the use of inks in lively colors that stand out from the rest. Our team of art experts understands completely that the mascots will be a part of your school social life and before delivering the final product, they will have to consult the school if they are pleased with their work. As a school, before deciding on the mascot that you want designed, you should evaluate its behavioral features and the characteristics that the school can strive to achieve. Also an important issue to address is the cultural and religious differences in the school. All the sportswear that is produced at coastal enterprises feature school mascots on them. A uniform that has school mascots has an upper hand against the ones that only have team colors. All in all a mascot should be something that will make the students proud.