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Schools sports coordinators have had a hard time with the designing and ordering of school physical education uniforms. The schools end up purchasing two different pattern designs and in the long run you find that it turns out to be more expensive for both the parents and the school. This is due to the rapid changes in the world of fashion and the taste of each student in the school. Boys and girls have different taste and fashions preferences. Loose-fitting and long shorts which are pulled down as far as they like are generally what most boys prefer. On the other hand, girls like petite skirts which roll up their legs and are so skimpy. Coastal enterprises saw that this problem is too much and decided to come up with a solution to curb the problem. It designed a style that will suit both boys and girls. These designs solve two problems at once. The shorts looks great on girls rolled up and the loose fitting shorts for boys which are worn low. Apart from best fitting, the uniforms come with the school colors and logos. The P.E uniforms are also a unisex style whereby they are available in v neck, round neck and button up style. Coastal enterprises ensure that even if they choose mix and match colors, the students will still look elegant and neat.