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Coastal Enterprises is not an uncommon name in the present market with most of the schools in continental America. The company has created a reputation as a market leader over the years. Providing superior customer service and excellent quality, the company has a repute spanning more than thirty years.

The founder of Coastal Enterprises commenced her career with an Ohio clothing company. She was soon dissatisfied with the inferior quality and the long waiting periods before the orders were delivered. These factors encouraged her to create the company, which has since then grown in to a market leader providing sports and P E uniforms.

Coastal Enterprises provides a wide range of styles, designs, and artwork with mascots, such as wild cats, whales, and tornado etc. The company provides the entire range of services beginning from the designing of the P E clothes to the delivery to the schools and colleges. Coastal Enterprises comprises of individuals who are passionate about the industry more specifically to the physical education clothing industry. The employees visit and discuss the options with sports teachers and the principals of the institutions to understand the new trends and requirements. The company has seen a significant growth due to its affordable clothes made of a high quality providing superior customer service.