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Coastal Enterprises has been in existence for more than 30 years providing our loyal and ever growing clientele high quality products and services since 1979. Only few companies with similar business survive this long especially when competition is tough. The three decades in the business have enabled us to learn new business ideas and discover better ways to improve our product lines which range from our flagship line, P.E. clothing to team uniforms and other sportswear apparel.

We lasted this long because of our business ethics that we adhere to. We run our company like a family. We treat our customers as our friends, very special friends in fact. We keep them coming back because we give them reasons to do so. Our business succeeds because of our customers. Our relationship with our customers hinges on the quality of our products and services that we offer. We see to it that every product or service that we provide, whether it’s a P.E. uniform or an embroidery of an Elk mascot, will satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements in terms of quality and pricing. We have built our success on a good foundation of good customer relationship and high quality products.