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Coastal Enterprises has been creating logos and mascots for schools and sports teams since 1979 and they continue to be a leading producer of custom sportswear for schools across the United States. Expert graphic artists from the art department can design your mascot or logo to your specifications, in your school or team colors. We have a huge range of designs and colors to choose from, which can be changed to suit your needs or we can design a brand new mascot. Customer service specialists can discuss your needs over the phone and you can fax or email your design ideas directly to the art department. Coastal Enterprises charges no extra fees for art work and the design can be placed onto PE uniforms, spirit wear, jackets, bags, hats and Tees.

Mascots and logos can also be placed on blankets and stadium seats and they can either be embroidered or screen printed. Once we have your design on file it is easy to run off orders for extra merchandise at any time during the school year. We also specialize in placing artwork on clothing for coaches, parents and spectators as this is becoming more popular in recent years. Mascots can also be embroidered or screen printed onto banners for displaying at team events and at your school.