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Coastal Enterprises was established in 1979 to serve local schools and quickly started servicing schools all over the United States by mail order. With the growing popularity Coastal Enterprises expanded to include an online ordering service, as well as regular telephone ordering. There is always a friendly Coastal Enterprises customer service representative waiting to discuss you school uniform and sportswear needs.

Every year new schools start to sell uniforms for the first time and come back the second year with bigger orders, as this business grows and grows. Students love the quality of our PE uniforms and sales usually continue steadily throughout the school year. Coastal Enterprises has no minimum orders for PE uniforms and we have all the available sizes including XXL and small sizes.

Coastal Enterprises has designed their own PE uniform which is manufactured by Coastal Enterprises in all the popular school colors made from fade resistant heavy duty cotton twill. This PE uniform is superior to many other leading brands on the market and was designed to specific school standards. The growing popularity of this PE uniform has become a household name and more and more schools are ordering this product. Coastal Enterprises will continue to provide this high quality product to schools all over the United States for many years to come.