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Sport is an integral part of school life and how each school is represented makes a huge difference to the success and popularity of that school. Sport allows for schools to interact with each other and it encourages team spirit and pride for your local school. When schools participate in team sports they need a unique mascot and sports uniform that identify them both on and off the field. At Coastal Enterprises we are proud to be able to offer schools top quality sports uniforms and accessories featuring the school team mascot and colors.

Schools are encouraged to sell their own PE uniforms and team Tees imprinted with their school logo, through our no cash upfront program. This program supplies each school with merchandise that they can sell and make a profit from, year after year. We supply the uniforms in a huge range of popular colors and we also offer either embroidered or screen printed logos custom designed for each school.

If your school is not already selling PE uniforms, we can arrange for your first order and in no time your student will have a fresh look and stand out at all team events. Call our customer service departments and have a chat with our staff about the range available, you will be surprised how easy it is to start a new trend at your school.