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Starting a new school year is always a busy time for schools, preparing uniforms and equipment for an undefined number of new students. Coastal Enterprises recognizes this fact and for this reason we accept smaller orders from school that are unsure about the numbers they will be catering for. It is important however to have a good range of stock available in this pre-registration period because new students are keen to get their hands on products showing the school logo and colors. They wish to fit in on their first day and look like everyone else so that they do not stand out as “new kids”.

The great range of P.E uniforms and accessories available Coastal Enterprises will astound you. We carry a full range of sportswear, spirit wear, out wear and also bags, blankets and hats. You can re-order as often as you need to with Coastal Enterprises as we understand that schools do worry about over ordering and getting stuck with stock that they cannot move. Therefore at Coastal Enterprises we will accommodate all your uniform needs. If you are not happy with your school logo we are happy to meet with you and discuss updating your logo, to keep up with the times. Call Costal Enterprises today and discuss all your uniform and design needs with our qualified and friendly staff.