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Coastal Enterprises has been serving the schools throughout the US for more than 30 years. The company’s vast experience in the industry has earned a highly regarded reputation in providing low cost, high quality P.E. uniforms and excellent customer service.

Our company prides itself for the hardworking, well-trained and reliable staff that gives you the best customer service experience. Our sales team is willing to assist you. By calling our toll free number or direct office number, a sales person can immediately address your inquiries. Our team consists of knowledgeable and experienced individuals, who have been working with the company for a long time. They are familiar with all of our available products. They understand how intricate every product’s detail is. They also understand how valuable your time is therefore, we give answers to your questions as quickly as possible. If during the process, especially the designing process, our artists are always available to help. We can immediately have any one of them speak to you.

You can see more information and read the testimonials from our satisfied customers in our website, http://www.coastalsportswear.com.

Coastal Enterprises is a trustworthy name for your sportswear need. We would be very happy to serve you and earned your pleasing remarks.