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Coastal Enterprises was founded in 1979 to provide high quality P E clothes to schools in a timely manner. Since its inception, the company has seen significant growth and today is a leader in the industry with a long list of loyal customers. The immense popularity of Coastal Enterprises is driven by the high quality materials, reasonably priced products, timely deliveries, excellent customer service staff, and the excellent artwork provided.

The different mascot designs, such as alligators, snakes, wolves, and others provide schools a wide choice. Moreover, the various P E uniforms can be customized to include the school colors, which encourage student participation and team spirit. In addition, the company provides a wide range of products for parents, teachers, cheerleaders, and other supporters of the teams.

Continuing its tradition, the company now provides micro fleece products for superior warmth with ultra soft exterior for longer durability. The performing wicking fleece products keep the students warm while the moisture management properties keep them comfortable. Coastal Enterprises now offers heavier fleece fabric for enhanced durability and additional warmth at affordable rates. All these new products ensure students from the colder climate areas remain warm and comfortable in their P E uniforms while training or warming up.