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Do you regularly attend sporting events at your school or take your children to play at other schools in your area? On these occasions, wouldn’t it be great if you could also wear your team colors so that everyone knows which team you are supporting? Coastal Enterprises already realize that parents and spectators like to be seen in their team colors so they have developed a wide range of clothes and accessories which can be purchased from your school at their uniform shop.
The range covers items like blankets, bags, out wear and hats which can all feature your school logo and be worn by players, spectators and parents alike. What a great way to raise your school spirit and proudly make a statement about your school. Almost all items of clothing have been included in the range available at Coastal Enterprises and they are all made with high quality workmanship and materials.

The colder months have also been catered for with knit wear, flannel PJ’s and boxers included in the range available at Coastal Enterprises. This means that spectators who support your team in the stadium can be easily recognized from a distance when they wear your team colors and logo. If your team does not have a Coastal Enterprises range then please contact our staff to discuss developing one which makes your team and its supporters stand out and be recognized.