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Are you looking for high quality and affordable sports apparel? Try Coastal Enterprises. Coastal Enterprises is a company in California that has been in the business for over 30 years already providing high quality products and services unsurpassed in the industry. Aside from offering an extensive catalog of P.E. clothing and class tees, we also pride ourselves on the extensive lines of our sportswear products which include but not limited to team uniforms, leagues, warm ups, camping and outerwear clothing, among others. Our customers from across the country keep coming back because they know that we take care of them. We know that it is our duty to make our customers happy with every product that they buy from us whether it’s a P.E. uniform or a class tee.

Our extensive catalog of sportswear offers a wide array of choices from style and design to clothing construction technology, aside from colors, sizes and gender-specific cuts. We adhere to high quality standards set by the industry to meet or even surpass our customers’ satisfaction levels in terms of quality or workmanship and value for their money. We provide silk screen printing on most sports uniforms for free. If you want your team name and a mascot, say a Falcon, embroidered on your uniform we ask for a minimal fee for that.