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Teams are competitive not only about the game of sport that they are playing, but about their mascot, their uniform, hats you name it. Coastal Enterprises recognizes this and produces high quality and stylish P.E uniforms that the kids love to wear. When students look good they feel good when they feel good they play better, so uniforms worn with pride produce success. The wide range of extra accessories that are available to show off you team mascot, school logo and team colors. Even the spectators will love to wear the coastal range of spirit wear, out wear hats and bags.

Team morale is high at the end of the school year when the final matches are played, the whole school wants to be there to cheer on the team. Many students will want to purchase new uniform to wear to a final event, which they can use the following year so it is not wasteful. If your school orders extra accessories and spirit wear at this time of year they will also make good profit for the school and help to make the event a real fund raiser.

The friendly staff at Coastal Enterprises will discuss this idea with your school representative and suggest which items are most popular to sell before important sporting events. We even have uniforms for the officials and coaches as well as for the player, cheerleaders.