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The company is well known for its superior quality products and excellent customer service. Moreover, the people at Coastal Enterprises recognize the difference of in the needs of every school. The factors that determine the schools’ requirements for P E uniforms, accessories, and other equipment differ from one school to another.

These include the age of the students, income levels, and the climatic conditions. After deciding on its requirements based on these factors, the schools can place orders for the necessary products. Because of the optional requirement to purchase P E clothes, students prefer to wear these in their school colors. This allows them to feel fit for their peer groups and many students would like to wear P E uniforms daily if the schools allowed this.

Although, several other companies offer P E clothes, the superior quality, durability, and the affordability of Coastal Enterprises uniforms makes these very popular. Moreover, the profits earned are returned to the schools, which is a major differentiating factor among the competition. The range and the designs offered by the company are unmatched by competitors and keep up with the prevalent fashion trends. Therefore, all these factors make Coastal Enterprises a leader in the supply of P E uniforms with mascots (Scotsman, snakes, and sharks to name a few) with many schools across the country.