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Several smaller schools consider that if they order large quantities of P E clothes and accessories, they will be unable to sell these. Moreover, the unsold stocks block their limited funds and it also becomes difficult to sell outdated products. In addition, schools do not take advantage of the style and comfort provided by high quality P E uniforms provided by Coastal Enterprises. The primary reason is because the management thinks that the company will not service smaller orders. However, Coastal Enterprises understands all such limitations of the schools and is willing to service orders for lesser quantities.

The schools are benefited because the company does not charge additional shipping costs while dispatching these orders. Therefore, when a school is placing an order for the first time, they can benefit from ordering a smaller batch size. Once the batch is sold, the school can place a larger order at the same price. Hence, the schools are able to earn profits from the sale of the P E uniforms.

Customization of smaller orders is also possible if the school management does not consider the designs, such as alligators, snakes, kangaroos, and others appropriate. The schools can be assured of receiving timely deliveries of any quantity because the company continues its production through the year.