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If you sell uniforms from your school and you are looking for some extra products to raise some extra funds for the school we have a great range to choose from. During the cooler weather months, students will need hats, scarves and jackets to keep warm. Hats and scarves featuring the school logo is a great way to have the student looking coordinated and neat and tidy. Coastal Enterprise has pure woolen scarves that can be embroidered with your logo or with your team mascot for winter sports.

Coastal Enterprises also has blankets that are a great cool weather accessory that students can take to a game or that they can take on the winter school camp. Matching PJ’s and boxers in your school colors are another great product tp sell in the cooler months to raise money for your school.

School students usually dictate the fashion when it comes to school hats for winter. Having a few different styles is usually best, because some styles will suit one age group while another style will suit another age group. Each year this can vary, so leave it up to the kids and order whatever is popular. Call Coastal Enterprises today about adding some cooler weather accessories to you stock.