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Coastal Enterprises services schools all over the nation providing them with uniforms and other products in both custom and standard designs. We have designed school logos and team mascots since 1979, for hundreds of schools all over America. We now have a large art department with highly trained graphic artists, the latest software and a library of great ideas for reference. Our artists will work with you to create the ideal mascot for your team. We can use classical colors or some of our new range of fluorescent colors.

Our website displays all our current mascots and logos on file and it provides examples for you to look through. Any design on the site can be adapted to suit your school or team, colors changed and they can be reproduced in embroidery and screen printing. Embroidery suits scarves, hooded jackets and hats of many designs. Screen printing is great for every day uniforms, PE uniforms, Tees, sweats and more.

A bright modern team mascot will really sharpen up you school team image both on and off the field. Team mascots are an important part of team spirit so if your school team is looking dull call Coastal Enterprises today. Our customer service staff is waiting for your call.