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Coastal Enterprises takes orders for custom designs utilizing some of the best graphic designers in the industry. The artists will work alongside you to ensure that you create the best design for your school exactly to your specific needs and following the traditional style of your institution.

We have a large existing range of design ideas already prepared for you to browse through to give you ideas and inspiration. You may choose one of Coastal Enterprises original designs which we can adapt with your name or initials or you can start from scratch with the artists and develop a brand new 21st century logo or emblem. The workshop at Coastal Enterprises has 12 large machines capable of producing 3-4 color designs, making production very cost efficient for both small and large orders.

There are numerous products that you custom design or logo can be applied to from mesh bags and hats to socks, ties and of course the traditional uniform pieces that usually display your school logo. Customized items are very popular with the students; enquire about the details next time you order from Coastal Enterprises Remember that at Coastal Enterprises we charge no extra for shipping and there are no set up coasts for new design or first orders.