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Almost all students studying in middle and high school consider P E clothes and accessories more like a fashion statement. Therefore, stylish and comfortable P E uniforms are being demand in high numbers by all these students. However, these clothes need to be designed in different styles, which is an important factor that is adequately considered by Coastal Enterprises.

It is commonly seen that boys prefer baggy styled shorts of a longer length. In comparison, girls prefer their shorts to be skimpy that appears to be fashionable and chic. These preferences make it difficult for school management to reach a decision while ordering the P E uniforms.

Therefore, to overcome such limitation, schools order smaller quantities, which often increase the cost of these P E clothes. Alternatively, schools may place larger orders, which leave their funds blocked in unsold quantities. All these limitations are understood by Coastal Enterprises and thus the company provides a beneficial solution to the schools.

The company provides shorts that can be used by students of both sexes, which overcomes the problem faced by the school authorities. Moreover, these can be customized from the large number of mascots, such as Trojans, suns, mariners, and matadors that are available. The orders are taken for all quantities and shipped at no extra charges in a timely manner.