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Coastal Enterprises has increased the range of products to include a range of cool weather clothes including knitwear, PJ’s and boxers, jackets, sweats and long sleeved. We have the cold weather covered and your school can sell all these products and raise funds for the school. All you need to do is to call our customer service line and place your first order. There is absolutely no charge for shipping and you do not even need to pay for your order until after the products have started to sell.

Before the cold weather sets in, you will need to order in plenty of variety in a range of sizes. Anything that the older student like and wear will also be popular with the younger students so keep this in mind when you are ordering. Sweats and zipped or half zipped long sleeved fleecy tops are a very popular item that can be slipped on after evening or early morning training in the cooler months.

Scarves and woolen hats are also in style this season and we can embroider your logo or team mascot onto the merchandise. Team supporters love the matching scarf and woolen hat for attending winter games and it has become a fashion statement in many schools across the US.