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A large number of the districts are limited to the profits earned through the sales of P E clothes and other accessories. Therefore, many schools face significant difficulties and are apprehensive of ordering such products. The biggest limitation faced by schools is the instant when they are unable to sell the products and are left with outdated stocks thus blocking their capital. To overcome these difficulties Coastal Enterprises offers its clients a self funded program with numerous benefits.

Based on the company’s size charts, the staff assists schools in determining the various sizes to be ordered. Schools are able to earn excellent price discounts when they order larger quantities, which assists in reducing the costs for parents thus enabling them to buy the P E uniforms for their children. All the products are delivered without incurring additional shipping expenses in a timely manner. The schools do not need to make any payment until later when the first lot is sold. Hence, schools do not need a financial budget or block their funds to order these products. Since there are no middlemen involved in the transaction, the schools are able to reduce the costs. Finally, all profits earned by the schools are retained and can be used for the improvement of its facilities.

Therefore, schools are encouraged to take advantage of the high quality mascot related (jaguars, bears, wolverines) P E clothes to make money.