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Bullying comes in very many forms. It can be spoken, psychological or physical form. Bullying is a deliberate, repetitive and harmful act that affects the state of a student both psychologically or physically. Bullying can come from a sport team coach, a teacher or even a fellow student. A positive team coach can turn a student into a professional but an abusive one can crush all the talent that a student has. Sometimes verbal bullying can have more effects upon the student’s sense of worth more than physical bullying. This will affect the school’s sports performance and probably drop outs from the school team. Due to this unbecoming behavior of some irresponsible persons, coastal enterprises decided to help the schools that use bully squads in the playground by designing bully squad tees. Bully squads encourage acceptance cooperation and communication among students. There is a wide range of bully wear that has bright prints on both the front and back of tees, long sleeved tees, and hooded sweatshirts. Coastal enterprises believe that parents and other officials can be included in the bully squad therefore there bully wear comes on both adult sizes and student sizes. Bully wear orders can be made at any time of the year and there will be no shipping charges to all school whether they made small or big orders. By having bully squads with bully wear we will be promoting fair play among schools.