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Coastal Enterprises was established by an entrepreneur who worked with a garment company in Ohio. She was unhappy with the quality of uniforms and long delivery times taken to send these to the schools. To overcome these shortcomings, she founded the company, which after thirty years is a market leader in the supply of P E clothes and accessories to a large number of schools in the United States.

The primary factor that differentiates Coastal Enterprises from the competition is the excellent customer service provided by its executives. The friendly and trained executives are willing to assist schools at any time during the year for ordering the uniforms, choosing the sizes, or designing the mascots, which include pioneers, longhorns, and jaguars to name a few.

Secondly, the company eliminates middlemen, which enables it to provide the P E uniforms and accessories at affordable prices. In addition, the schools are able to retain any profits earned on the sale of these products. These extra funds can be used for the improvement of the students and the school facilities.

Finally, these programs are self funded for the schools because they need to pay the money to Coastal Enterprises once the first batch is sold. Moreover, there are no shipping costs that are needed to be paid by the schools. The schools can place small orders at the same prices at any time during the year.