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Many schools may feel quite embarrassed to place orders in small quantities. Such schools may think that the company will turn down their orders. In coastal enterprises, we accommodate even the smallest of all the orders. There are some aspects that may lead to small orders. One of the common is the population of the school. If the population is quite low then the orders are deemed to be low. This is because the school management fears that they may be stuck with cloths that are not on fashion and therefore end up not selling them and in the long run have losses. At coastal enterprises we take as many small orders as possible and deliveries are made as soon as the printing process is over. For small orders, there are no shipping charges or set up fees. This will in turn benefit the school because they would have minimized the cost of expenditure and in that case will raise their profits which will help in financing other projects that you had not budgeted for. Another issue that makes schools abstain the practice of small ordering is the uncertainty of production of uniforms throughout the year. In coastal enterprise the blueprints for logos and school emblem designs are stored in files and it can be accessed at any time of the year and for re-orders just a phone call is enough. Small orders reduce the risk of over ordering.