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There are several factors you need to consider when choosing cheerleading uniform besides school colors and unique style. The cheerleading uniform you choose should appropriately match your cheerleaders’ age and size. The uniform should also be relevant to the activities the team is involved in and most importantly reflect the school’s rules and principles that the team represents. To get the right uniforms for your cheerleaders, you can source them from a company like Coastal Enterprises which has a vast range of varieties and buying options. For example you might consider buying in-stock cheerleading uniforms if you are on a limited budget. These are pre-made uniforms complete with braiding and contrasting trim. They are usually made in the most commonly requested colors. You might also consider buying custom made cheerleading uniforms. The possibilities in terms of style and colors are endless with custom made uniforms. In fact you personally choose your desired colors and styles from a wide range skirts, shell styles, tackle twill, and embroidery. At Coastal Enterprises there is something for every budget in your pursuit to get the most ideal cheerleading uniform. You can further personalize your cheerleading kits with your own logos and IDs when you order custom made uniforms at Coastal Enterprises.