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Loyalty and commitment is expected of students who are proud of their schools. Spirit wear is designed specifically for cheerleaders and team supporters and is used to identify with different teams. Coastal Enterprises produces spirit and fan wear customized with the school logos, mascots and emblems. The clothes are made of light colored logos and mascots printed on a bright background to make them stand out in a crowd. Spirit wear is always in high demand especially on sporting seasons creating a high expenditure on most schools. Coastal Enterprises realized the dire need of the money for spirit wear and decided to chip in by coming up with a range of accessories that can generate funds for the school and help in budgeting for sportswear. These accessories are like tees, bags and sweats and track pants designed in the best spirit wear fashions. Popularity and availability of spirit wear in and out of the field drives the demand and sales of such items. Students who like to be recognized from any point on the field as a way of showing solidarity and unity with the school team will always buy the best spirit wear items and thus help in generating income for the school. In this case the school acts as an affiliate of Coastal Enterprises for a worthy cause.