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Over the years, the management and employees of Coastal Enterprises understand that schools require a little assistance and advice when they are planning to order P E uniforms for their students. They need basic information on the available choices and how to place their orders. There are some things that schools need when they order P E clothes for their students. The schools need to know where the name of their school will be displayed, whether their school colors are available, or if they can make their school mascot the main focus on these clothes.

Therefore, the company allows schools to include their inputs in their template designs, which includes names, logos, and mascots like elks, bulls, sharks, pirates, and owls among many more. In addition, Coastal Enterprises provides examples of its latest designs, which can be modified according to the preferences of individual schools. Free artwork designs are available, which can be found on the website. Schools may choose to alter these designs or create new designs using the help of the company’s in-house team of professional and experienced designers. In case, your school colors and mascot design is presently not available, you can be assured that Coastal Enterprises will include these to accommodate the requirements of your school.