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P.E shorts both at middle school and at high school are very much a fashion statement with the students these days; however there is a great difference between the fashion of boys and that of girls. The boys generally like to wear their shorts long and baggy pulled down as far as they can get away with. The girls, on the other hand, roll up the legs and wear their P.E shorts short and skimpy.

This has proved a problem for those in charge of designing and ordering school uniforms and can increase the cost as well as cause over ordering problems. Generally this is two different pattern designs and therefore more costly for schools to cater for. Coastal Enterprises looked into this dilemma and have come up with a solution.

Coastal Enterprises have designed a style to suit boys and girls, a style which “kills two birds with one stone” as they say. Our P.E shorts look great rolled up and also look great worn low and baggy. This unique style is available from Coastal Enterprises with no shipping costs and orders of any size are most welcome. Your students will love these P.E shorts which we can manufacture in your school colors with your logo clearly visible.