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Many schools are not sure about selling P.E uniforms in their schools because of the competition they may have from the local sportswear stores. This is more common with smaller schools and considers their school incapable of handling this kind of severe competition. However, schools of any size have one big advantage if they decide to maintain a P.E uniforms store within their school premises.

Although, some students may acquire their clothing from a local store, all the money earned by selling in-house P.E uniforms is used for the good of the school and its students. A small town typically has one high school, one junior high, and one or two middle schools. In the present economic downturn, most schools have to deal with budget cuts, which commonly affect extracurricular activities. One of these is the PE classes that require expensive equipment to maintain the program.

Coastal Enterprises is a leader in the manufacturing of superior P.E uniforms, which enables schools to sell these in large quantities thus increasing their profits. Moreover, these are affordable because most schools are not required to add large profit margins to earn higher returns. Therefore, selling these uniforms earns additional money for schools to continue their PE programs and simultaneously provides excellent uniforms to the students.