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School emblems and logos depict the first impressions about the school. Emblems can make the school look as if it is a bad school and parents will not bring their students to that school even if it is very good. New schools should engage their students in the process of choosing or designing emblems as it shows the parents that the school is concerned about the students. School emblem is a unique badge that may symbolize courage, belief or standpoint of the schools and appear in most of the schools accessories including sportswear. Our art department graphic designers always have designs that our customers can choose and adopt for school emblems and there is room for any changes that you would like to make to help get a unique customized emblem. The emblems should have the best colors which you with the help of the designers will choose from our 14 quality ink color range. The emblems should be placed in positions that they can possibly be visible all the time. Once you have ordered and the emblem is designed, it can be saved on a file making it easier and faster to make future small orders at no extra cost. The emblem can be embroidered to common school sportswear that is easily sold at your uniform shop and this will help in raising extra funds for the school.