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Coastal Enterprises is offering a high quality P.E. Uniforms, with a wide selection of quality T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, mesh backpack for dirty P.E. uniforms and Socks.

Now, we are introducing our dry wick heavyweight P.E. shorts for a richer look and feel. It is perfect for both male and female.
We don’t charge for artwork in every order, set ups and screens. We also deliver the products to your location free of charge. If there is anything specific you need, simply let us know and we can provide it for you.

You can save money by purchasing bulk orders from us. Simply call our toll free number or our office number for further information.

Coastal Enterprises provides an opportunity for schools to re-sell the products. They can sell it to the parents and students with the embellished school logo on it. We do not require upfront payments for the orders; schools do not need to spend money until they have sold their first batch of products. The profit may not be much but it can help the school for purchasing the things or supplies that they initially don’t have a budget for. When you place your order this month of April to June, the latest, we can guarantee that your order will be available for the pre-registration of the following year. The due for this pre-registration order is on October 1st which gives schools ample time for sales.