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Coastal Enterprises is not a new name in the P E clothes industry. In contrast, the company is one of the oldest providers of such clothing for a long period. More than thirty years old, Coastal is ranked as the leading provider of P E uniforms to almost all the schools in the United States.

Working as a sales representative in Ohio, the founder of the company was disheartened to witness the inefficiencies of this industry. Moreover, schools had to wait for a very long time before these products were delivered to their locations. Therefore, sensing the immense opportunity in the sector, she founded Coastal Enterprises. Since its inception the company has grown by leaps and bounds with the vast variety of designs and other options provided to the schools.

Presently, the company provides a wide range of P E clothes and spirit wear to various colleges and schools across the country. The entire process of designing to delivery of the P E uniforms is managed by Coastal Enterprises. Moreover, the friendly staff ensures all the queries and issues faced by the schools are effectively overcome to maximize customer satisfaction. In addition, the large number of mascots, such as alligators, cowboys, and buffaloes allow schools to customize these uniforms to meet their requirements.