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So many parents and even students will ask Coastal “how do I get a solid name bar on my shorts that won’t wear off?” This is a tricky one and really the only way to get a solid name bar on your shorts is if you print them before you hem them. There are not many companies that can do this as you have to be the manufacturer as well as the screen printer. This is where Coastal is different. AS one of the very few companies that operate such as this they are able to manufacture a solid name bar that once your name is written across it with a Sharpie will not fade or wear.

When you look at the competitions style of shorts, they have a mini mesh with holes that can be seen through that you are supposed to write your name on. This means that the name is broken up into all those little holes and will fade and wear quickly. When you buy Coastal shorts you can see that there is a solid name bar and you cannot see a single mini mesh hole through the name bar. This means that when you put your name on that name bar with a black Sharpie it will ever come off.